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Preliminary Hearing

“Hello world”?
I don’t know how many would read an introductory page on a blog. But what the heck, I’m writing it anyway.

This is not my first blog post; I previously had a blog, with approx. 300 visitors a day. I’ve lost it… [thank you hosting company, and little blogging experience back then].
I’m here mostly to express myself, mainly, because I can [the internet is so awesome; one can write whatever he wants, then blame hackers].

My name is Ronny Karam [obviously], and this is my personal blog, my writing space, my files and my case.

I’ll be posting as often as possible [target: at least once a week].
Your comments are always welcome, as long as they make sense, they’re argumentative and do not offend or attack anyone.

Thank you.


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