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The Trash that binds us

Trash People of Cologne

Trash People from HA Schult in Köln / Cologne 2006
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The Lebanese people realized, after years of neglect, that nothing is accomplished by itself. If you want something done, you have to block a road, burn some tires or start a war [or occasionally kidnap some Turks].

For as long as I can remember [20 some years], our politicians have completely turned their eyes away from every problem facing this country; if the media doesn’t shed light over a misery [mostly for political reasons], a building collapses over its habitants, or hundreds die from food poisoning, no one would even mention anything about what the citizens of this God forsaken country are facing daily.

While Lebanon is a typical 3rd World country, and whatever happens here is completely expected [and accepted], some of its people [very very few] just had enough [the rest just nag about it].

A few days ago, people, living near by the Naameh trash dump, decided to take matters into their own hands, after 15 years. 15 years! 15 years!? [repeated intentionally, because this is how long things take in Lebanon]
After 15 years of random dumping, the toxic gases [ landfill gases ], released in the air, are causing lung cancer, especially among children [not to forget the horrible odors, the bug invasion, and the polluted water].
The “temporary” [15 years !!!] dump, which was set to only bury non recyclable materials [approx. 10% of all garbage in Lebanon], is being filled with everything; it’s the main final destination to all types of garbage collected [approx. 90%], including organic and toxic non treated material.

For once [since March 2005], Lebanese, from all types, religions, and beliefs, joined the movement; while this is excellent, it took Trash for us to agree on something useful. It took Trash to open our eyes to what Sukleen is doing to our health, soil, water and forests. It took Trash to make us realize that nothing is more important than… us; people still ignore their rights. People still praise their leaders, and believe they need them to survive.

Let’s hope, that for once, things go the way the habitants, of Naameh and its surrounding, hope.
The garbage problem in Lebanon is not just that of Naameh, and everyone is invited to join and support the movement.
If you don’t fight for your rights, no one will.

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