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Baabda in full black

Baabda forests burned - May 2014

Baabda’s forests,… or what’s left of them
Original photo by: Rony Kahwach

Nothing describes the scene of flames devouring what’s left of the green spaces in Baabda, but the tears of the very few people who actually care.

Today, fires erased what construction haven’t reached yet; thousands of square meters of “air filters”, the closest to the over polluted capital, Beirut, were wiped off in a few hours.

Every forest in Lebanon is under threat [or what’s left of the 7%]. And every time, it’s the same lame excuse: our firefighters are not well equipped.

I’m sorry. But I’m not buying this shit anymore; our firefighters are never ready, are not well trained, and are not well equipped. Equipment is the addition that makes their jobs easier, faster and more efficient. But it’s not always the cause for their failure.

I’ve been living in the area for 33 years. Every time a fire starts nibbling a forest, we immediately contact the fire departments; trucks arrive 3 to 4 hours later. What was a small fire, that can be handled easily, becomes a raging sun storm.

And where are those planes we supposedly bought to fight fires? The army helicopters… were helping. But that’s all they can do. Help. It took a helicopter¬†5 runs to put down the fire raging on a single tree.

Sad. It’s a really sad day for Baabda, and its surroundings.
As our politicians fight to hold on to their piece of the pie, our forests lost the fight against the fires, and soon, against the buildings which now have the right to exist where the green trees exist no more.

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  1. Royen - May 5, 2014 8:57 pm

    Thanks Ronn we need guys like you to speak up “the truth” i apreciate this


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